Monday, September 15, 2008


I noticed some people ran the half marathon in the heat yesterday. good job. all i can say is listen to your body and not your brain.

Sheena had a great dance party the other night. thanks for good tunes and positive vibes.

having not run in three weeks or done anything really related(no impact), its a weird but good feeling. its like getting all of the wrinkles and scars and other messed up tissue caused by years of running, ironed out and unwound.

I figure, why not keep on going and see what emerges. life is a grand experiment and no use trying to control what you can't.

as Jarrin would say, "go hug some bushes"

peace out


2FNslo said...

It definitely was rough yesterday, especially with no prep (August not having been August)- great job by everyone who gutted it out.

MAX said...

who is 2fnslo?

sheena :) said...