Monday, September 22, 2008

everybody is running well

its great that everyone is having fun and running like the wind. all I can say is love it, relish the moment and take time off to heal.

If you can stave off the addiction/compulsion to run, I suggest take a mental and physical break. Even if you are running well. Go to a tanning salon, get a $200 massage, go listen to some Reggae and chill out and get the groove on and let the body completely heal and relax. Take a few days off. You are all in such great shape you will lose not a thing.

The beautiful fall awaits and the leaves are turning.

If anyone wants to go apple picking in Vermont, let me know.

peace out


Peter said...

Agree with you on the rest (at the end of the racing season), the reggae, the getting the groove on.

Disagree on the tanning salon as most of us already get more UV rays than we should while running under the hot sun.

Also, $200? Seems a bit steep, must be one hell of a "massage."

JARRIN said...

Max - What the hell are you talking about, "everyone is having fun and running like the wind"? Most of us aren't healthy and not having fun (my plantar is fucked, your everything is toast, Klim's hip needs to be replaced, Bain's foot is a mess, Murphy's foot is temperamental, Geir's about to get amputated...). Think before you write dude!


MAX said...

Jarrin. all of these folks are running their fastest times ever. to do this, they are putting in tons of hard work. Unfortunatley, this hard work takes so much out of the body that injury is a given. they are in their prime(age-wise) and should relish the moment at life and other matters might not allow them to do this forever. For every chuck(stallone) moeser who can stand the test of time, there are masses(us), who are humbled by the sport.

Back when i was running hard and feeling invincible, i wish someone had pulled me aside and made me take chuncks of time off to eat ice cream, get fat and just chill.

isn't there a saying that goes something like "you do not know how great you had it until its gone"

Justin McCarthy said...

I'd take you up on the apple picking in Vermont, but I'm unfortunately blacked out from vacation days through November 6th. I agree with Peter on the tanning salon. Skin cancer is the only cancer where runners have disportionately high rates.