Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hell Freezes Over...


You may have heard that loud crack sometime around 9:46pm last night - yup, it's true...it was the sound of hell freezing over and cracking as our very own RED FOX succumbed to the battle of age and frailty by engaging in (gulp) YOGA. It was hinted that such an occurrence would need photographic evidence so behold the enclosed.

Exhibit A - Pre-Yoga Jitters and Nervous Smile

Notice the Adidas striped shorts (red stripes on black shorts) sported by the RED FOX. I had to sneak in a pocket camera as being open and notorious would be disruptive to the class and worse, possibly spook said FOX and raise risk of flight.

Exhibit B - God Only Knows...

This is the only shot I was able to trigger as the startled FOX glared ferociously towards me and the Yogi threatened to chaturanga the camera straight up my namaste'. Notice red striped shorts (same as in Exhibit A).

The scene: Down Dog Yoga, 4733 Elm Street, 4th Floor, Bethesda, MD.

The participants: Chris Silent Thunder Bain, Jake Red Fox Klim and yours truly.


PS - Everyone please go vote...especially in VA.


Peter said...

You must of had to liquor up that fox to get him in there. (notice glazed look in eyes in exhibit A)

Joking aside, I'd like to hear how people are feeling having done it and may join in for a future session.

KLIM said...

Hell ain't cold...hell is hot. The thermostat read around 103 when that second picture was taken.

It was a good experience...but I need to keep going. I think Bain and Jarrin would agree.

More to come...

bain said...

That wasn't Gatorade in the bottle (Exhibit A and B).

It's too early to say what benefit it has, but I enjoyed it. I want to keep it up for a while. I went right after a run, and at the very least it had the effect of a great stretching routine.

JARRIN said...

It was an hour and a half session that was truly hot. I was sweating uncontrollably within five minutes of starting. Definitely bring a large towel to cover the mat as otherwise it gets ridiculously slippery.

The Yogi definitely made it a point to single out "The Runners" taking time to really work on us as he worked the room. I think we all had issues with form.

Morning After: Slight soreness in hips. Definite change in range of motion while doing standing toe touches. I can tell that being limber is something that will require time and effort. Would be nice to have a solid group of people who are willing to partake in Yoga and encourage each other to do it.

Matias and I had discussed starting a Sunday afternoon/evening Yoga tradition - I'm definitely in.


Peter said...

I wouldn't put it past Jake to "irish up" his gatorade. I would do it on a weekend, after a run would be good as the muscles would be warm.

MAX said...

Sheena and I set up the Yoga for Runners seminar through the Company. If you all succeed and this makes you stronger and injury free, you all will have to kiss my toes and give me a kiss:)

KLIM said...

Max - kiss your toes then kiss you? Really, in that order? In all seriousness, thanks for setting up the demo.

I WILL go back to yoga. I would like to make it a weekly tradition...either Monday or Sunday.

I spent a good portion of the first 5 minutes giggling but then my laughs turned to tears as the temp went up and the workout got harder. I ache all over right now...as if a cement truck rolled over my back.

Matias said...

Glad to hear it was a dripper there, if it doesn't hurt what's the point

Peter said...

Somebody post on the weekly workouts sidebar when the next yoga session is. Thanks.