Saturday, November 1, 2008

Race day info (Run geek run)

Registration starts at 6:30am. (All GRC racers have been pre-registered and just need to pick up their numbers)

Perfect Race day weather is forecast. 49°F at 8am.

GRC warm up run will commence ~7:10am. Meet near registration area (polo fields next to Ohio Drive) I will probably warm up for 30 minutes.

Suggested parking area (courtesy J.Klim)


KLIM said...

I am going to NIX the Sunday run at "The Line" and instead head to Haines Point and watch the troops.

The esquire Robert JARRIN is going to join me.

I plan to get to Haines Point circa 7:30am and run/watch the race. I will cooldown with you guys and then add some more on my own.

REMEMBER - DST is tonight so you will need to change your clocks. 7:30am will really "feel like" 8:30am.

sheena :) said...

Hey, Peter. Just wanted to let you know that Amber won't be doing RGR. Laurel is the woman for this race!

Billy said...


I plan on heading down there too on my long run to run/observe. Let's meet up near the start at 7:45?


Peter said...

Roger that Sheena.

Thanks in advance to folks coming down to the point to support us.

Double C, we are going to attempt to register you and Laurel on site at 6:45am