Friday, November 28, 2008


For the first and hopefully, last time in life, I will borrow a Robert Jarrin saying which is "Don't Run like a ........................."(you all know the word)---- Which is what I did yesterday. Right when my legs were starting to feel good again, I let reckless abandon get the better of me and I pushed them too hard before they were ready. Now, I must pay the price and go back to square 1 for a bit.

Whatever the case might be--It is as Edmund Burke so eloquently stated yesterday at the run when referring to a long bout with an injury; it was something along these lines---" I was injured for long time and the tendonitis would just not go away. Its better now but it may come back. Such is life".

Its Black Friday all and if you are around and able, go by one of the Running Company stores, say hello, buy some shoes and or some winter gear and do what you will.

Enjoy and take it easy out there.



Peter said...

Sorry to hear that Max. I think that with every injury I appreciate the ever so delicate balance of training/recovery techniques required for healthy running.

JARRIN said...

Maxy -

Don't beat yourself up. You're human and it's hard not to run like an asshole for most of us. Desire is a tempting mistress that flirts its victims into the abyss. The key is to remember this episode and not let your desire exploit your weakness next time around.