Thursday, November 13, 2008

GRC Race Calendar is LIVE!

Matias created the GRC Race Calendar (found on the right hand side of the blog). It's a great tool and it should help coordinate upcoming (team) races much easier than before. Anyone can add/strike their name to any can also add a race which I hope you will all do. This document can be updated as often as we like. Take a look and make sure things are accurate.

ALSO - if you intend to run a Turkey Trot, please add that to the race calendar as GRC might be able to assist in comp entries. If you're running the Jingle Bell race on Haines Point, please make sure we have you down for that. Max plans to send in the names for this race very soon.

Names in parenthesis (First Last) denote "maybes"


Matias said...

Went back and forth between Google Docs and Google Calendar... and the spreadsheet format provides a bit more flexibility. We could also use it to track race results and contact information.

Matias said...

And you can "IM" ppl who are viewing it at the same time... as a result Billy and I are meeting at Thompson Boathouse at 6:30pm on Monday for a run out to Iwo Jima

RM said...

SICK widget Matias, I may have to steal that one from you...thanks buddy!

Unknown said...

I put myself down for both the Turkey Chase and Jingle All The Way. Hope I'm not too late for either, I forgot to check the blog for about a week (d'oh).