Monday, November 24, 2008

GRC Holiday Party - Friday 12/12

It's that time of year again...
As previously noted, GRC will be having a holiday party at the Chevy Chase Store on Friday, December 12. It was decided that this would be a pot luck thing, so please bring a dish that will feed 30 people (just kidding...maybe 6 people?). I suggest RSVP-ing in comments and noting what you plan to bring. That way we can determine how many to feed and what ti bring. The last thing we want is 25 fruitcakes! If you're culinary inadequate like me, plan to bring something else that can help the party. For instance, I am bringing eggnog and an evening liqueur. This is sure to "help the party".
Max, handsomely pictured here, is working on getting libations.
A rough timeline is below. Plan on arriving at 7pm.
5-7pm - open gathering
7:00pm - people begin arriving with dishes
7:30pm - people begin eating
8:30pm - Emmcee Max Lockwood makes statement
9:00pm - dance part starts
8:30am (Saturday) - runs begins from the store - yikes!


Justin McCarthy said...

I was thinking egg nog, but if Jake's beating me to it, maybe I can bring some Sam Adams winter classics? Yes, I will be there.

Matias said...

No E-vite? I thought that's how things got done in the internet age.

To make it easier on Jake the Snake, go to the GRC race calendar and fill in your party information

sheena :) said...

I was going to bring eight maids-a-milking, but after looking at the GRC race calendar it seems as though Caroline is already bringing that. Sixteen maids-a-milking would be overkill, no?

I'm thinking of bringing some Swedish Glogg, but if I can't find a recipe I'll just bring a bottle of whiskey and a fun-size bag of eminems and try to pass both off as home-baked.

christiam said...

I'm sorry to miss the inaugural GRC holiday party, but I'll be out of town that weekend. Have fun!

KLIM said...

I am bring Puddy in a Pear Tree.