Sunday, November 23, 2008


I noticed someone put this down as my training blog sight. I am not sure if this is meant as a humorous gesture. Regardless, I will take advantage of such generosity and post a run report.

For the first time in many months I ran 4 days in one week. This includes the 1 hr and 45 minute adventure watching M&M outrap his adversaries.

Yesterday I went running with the usual cast of young race team comrades. As per the custom, everyone starting racing over the last few miles and dropped the old man back a few yards. This is ok as I no longer have the leg power nor ego to respond to such ferocity.

Today, I went running with Nate Timm and one of the best local master runners around, Andreas Wright. We ran 11 miles or so at a decent clip. Andreas twisted his ankle.

The run was fun. Nate and Andreas are high school running coaches and talked the whole time about coaching.

I worked all day at the running shop. Its a very interesting experience. People come in with many woes and issues ranging from a banged up knee to Plantar problems and through it all, a obsessive desire to overcome all to continue on the run.

What is it about running and moving at such a rate that drives the inner self to rise above pain, go to therapies of many types and stay committed? Not sure but will continue to explore this topic.

My legs are tired and my feet hurt.

Happy Holidays and run well.

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