Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Book!

First off, I want to take this time to thank everyone who inquired as to when my book would be available for purchase. When I was asked what sort of book tour I would be going on, I was extremely flattered as well. (Currently there is no book tour planned per se but that will all change, hopefully, when sales are spectacular!)

Regardless, I am in the final stretch here before its first printing run and the book chronicling my 52 Marathons in 52 weeks is about to hit the shelves! More than just a book about running, or even my running, it is a book which was meant to entertain and inspire. Note, just 14 months before I started the adventure, I had only run 2 lifetime marathons!

More detailed information about how and when it will become available to the mass public will be following very soon. As for now, you can visit the publisher's website HERE. They are currently accepting advance orders of the book and you can do so by contacting Michelle at this email address: orders@experiencebooks.ca

Stay tuned for more information! And thank you Georgetown Running Company for all your support both before, during and after the 52 Marathons!


JARRIN said...

That's an incredible feat Dane. Looking forward to your inspirational and reflective writings.


MAX said...

i can say i knew dane way back in the day when he would come to washington running club sunday runs to pick up dates and brag about the bargain running shoes he would get at discount shoe stores. Dane's claim to fame back then is that he could run any distance on any shoe:)

Dane said...

Thanks Jarrin!

Max, you have used that line before and like I said, who wouldn't want to meet a potential ladyfriend on a long Sunday run? Not too sure about the claim of bargain running shoes. I only got my shoes at the good old GRC!

KLIM said...

Cool Dane. A huge accomplishment. I will have to check this out.

Dane said...

When it comes out I Hope the GRC will be putting a few copies on their shelves.

Unknown said...

This guy is awesome, I got a chance to see him run the Baltimore marathon as a charity chaser

Dane said...


That was very kind of you to say. Chances are I did not catch you!