Sunday, November 2, 2008


2:38:49 at NYC
MORE: Mark Barela, who after the marathon will start training with us, ran a 2:43:51


Peter said...

Great run by "iron man" Matias.

Matt Ernst said...

Excellent had the machine primed. Congrats.

JARRIN said...

Matias is one of the hardest working mofo's I know. He's a giant - you should see him in the pool or on a bike. Fierce.

Well done Chileno!


Matias said...

Thank you. My legs feel like poo poo

JARRIN said...

And you're obviously not sleeping!

Matias said...

So I impulse bought a Garmin 405 the day before the race at the expo and was all excited to review the data from the race but the POS Garmin reset on itself and all that wonderful data is lost.

The plan worked though, keeping the heartrate between 174-176 on the flats, and not letting it go above 180 during any of the first 20 miles. It was tough because at mile 15 there's the Queensboro Bridge and had to let my pack go, but I think it helped keep things together towards the end.

Oh and Billy Askey was DEAD ON about NYC marathon plan. I followed it and have him to thank for setting up a successful race.

Matias said...

Oh and classic moment of the race was at the half marathon mark where a young gun says "Alright! Half way there!" followed by a seasoned veteran of the sport asking him if NYC was his first marathon (which is was) and then telling him somewhat viciously that the halfway point of the marathon was at the 20 mile marker. Ouch.