Monday, November 24, 2008


I will say, that indeed, the GRC race team/club/spirit/etc. has grown quite a bit in recent years. I can remember when the store was captained by Ben Cooke and Wilson and maybe one other. I would run over there in the evenings or on Sunday mornings and we would just sneak out for runs of various distances with Wilson lecturing us about what it means to be "true runner".

We did things piece meal and with no real agenda or such. We talked on and on as we ran throughout the Glover Archibald trail and C&O. Our vision was to create a mecca for runners; a place for runners to come to and be themselves and promote the sport through camaraderie and good will.

We wanted to make something unique and different.

Though all of this is still a work in progress, the investment of time and patience and whatever other intangibles have been thrown into the mix are yielding great results.

Everyone who reads this blog, comes to the runs, listens to my ramblings and so on is to be commended and thanked for helping grow this.

You all have made the vision come to fruition.

Happy Holidays and see you all soon.

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Anonymous said...

Good job hold men.