Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I must confess that I have read some people's blogs on running. I have talked to and been worked on by massage therapists, YOGA Gurus, Podiatrists, PTs, CHI RUNNERS, CHUCK MOESER, WILSON, read books, etc.

There are 10,000000000000 opinions. Every expert has insight. Training is everywhere.

In the end, the human body is a greater mystery than all science and human brain analysis combined.

So, with this said, I like to think of running and staying on the roads as a ongoing painting that never will be complete.

I used to seek answers and remedies. Now, I simply seek knowledge and intelligent questions that lead to further knowledge and greater wisdom.

FYI---Ran 1 hr and 37 minutes on some treadmill that is known for its steep incline. They call it the glute machine.

I basically ran uphill the whole time. While on this machine, I watched the Bernie Mac Show and some tv documentary on Paris Hilton. Bernie Mac was the man. Not sure what people see in Paris Hilton.


Matias said...

Awesome to see you started a training log - I go there pretty much every day!

devin said...

me neither, max

sheena :) said...

FYI --- I'm also a fan of the "new" training blog.

BTW ---- Paris Hilton is kind of boring... but very rich.

KLIM said...

Running often comes with a heavy price - injury. You will not succeed in this sport unless you push your individual potential until the brink of injury. Do it!

JARRIN said...

Paris Hilton is still a great piece of ass. As is Britney.