Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Chicago Plan

There is a tab under the spreadsheet called "Chicago" that lays out a 20 week plan for the marathon on October 10.

Please take a look at this first draft. It still needs some work but we are getting there.

We used a basic plan I developed along with a calendar Dickson etched out...then Wiggy, Murphy and I tried to combine the two. We focused on workouts and not mileage totals (except during the workout days). We also plotted in places where we thought these workouts would be ideal.

That last 6 weeks was tough to plan per PDR - which some of us will be running and others not. What say you Reaves, Karl etc?

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PR said...

It looks pretty good. I'd be interested to see what the Wednesday workouts entail.

I'd also throw out these workouts for consideration, which have been slam-dunk for me in the past:

1.) 10 miles easy/moderate followed by 10 miles @ MP

2.) "Brisk" 20 milers @ :20-:30 sec/mile slower than MP

3.) 13-16 miles mid-week long runs, preferably the day after Wednesday workouts.