Saturday, April 10, 2010


The race starts at 7:40am and it's a madhouse getting down there. I plan to arrive between 6-6:30am and start my warm-up no later than 6:45am. Anyone who wants to meet to warm-up should meet me at the start line at that time. I feel that you can't get to this race too early.

6:45-7:15 warm-up (only 20 mins or so, but a 10 min buffer)
7:15-7:30 bathroom/stretch
7:30 head to starting line

Will anyone be hanging out at the start/finish line who is not running who might be able to take warm-ups?

Update: Meet here post race for team photo.


Peter said...

In the intrest of creating high quality content for the blog, I will be producing the 3rd annual GRC Cherry Blossom video, in collaboration with friend of the team, Jon Snow. After the race and cooldown, we ask that all GRC team members report to the Washington monument grounds adjacent to the finish line for short interviews.

P Murph said...

This is also a great chance to get a team photo since so many GRCers will be at the race. We have a lot of new faces this year.

Like Peter said, everyone should meet on the Washington Monument grounds right after you finish. Maybe more specifically we can meet next to the Washington Monument Ticket Office/Restrooms (the new little stone building adjacent to the finish). Those of you not racing should meet us there too since you should be in the photo.

Big City said...

Good luck guys!

Peter said...

Since our award-winning photographer Jarrin is racing, it would be great to have a non-racing GRCer out there getting stills. If you have a DSLR camera rather than a point and shoot, that would be ideal.

DM said...

I can take care of warmups. That's no problem. I'll try to bring a camera, too.

Andy said...

Hopefully me and my trusty bike, ZeroZeroTwo, will be able to catch you guys at mile markers 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and the finish line. I'll be trying to maintain balance and shout out times if there are no clocks on the course. I don't think I can shoot pictures while riding though.

Snizow said...

I look forward to working with the esteemed Mr. Path.

To all, push hard Sunday!

Peter said...

Hey Chicken Tender, maybe I can duct tape a flip video camera to your helmet.

KLIM said...


General Order # 1 from RED FOX:

I have a gazillion fliers for the FATHER'S DAY 8K in my bag that I need help handing out after the team picture. If anyone is NOT running the race I would greatly appreciate it if you took them off my hands before the race. If not, we can all work together post-race.

RM said...

I'll be out on course and as long as you have a GRC singlet on, I'll take a pic. I guess that will force me to make a Picasa album or something (as always, I'll also upload to facebook).

More importantly I love the handwritten section of your map.

Peter said...

McGrath, post race I will send you instructions on how to file-transfer the original photos to me (Picasa and facebook compress the files.) Does your camera shoot jpeg or RAW?

I'm glad you like my map. Incidentally, I received poor marks for penmanship throughout grade school.

Andy said...

Bring duct tape, I'll bring the helmet.

Wait, so what time is team photo?

Peter said...

Kidding about the duct taping.

This is the tentative post race schedule:

8:45am: Assemble at rendezvous point (x marks the spot) for team photo

8:45am-9:45am:. GRC post race interviews (can do either pre or post cooldown)

Post-Race party: TBA

Peter said...

McGrath, can you use to send me the best GRC pictures you have?