Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday Workout @ BCC

Hey guys... I am planning on 3 mile progression to 10 mile race pace on the CCT- warm up from BCC. I want to be at tempo effort through mile 1. Mile 2 and 3 jump down to 10mile goal pace. I would like to follow this up with 4 x 30 seconds moderately hard w/ 1 minute recovery.


KLIM said...

I am essentially doing the same workout tomorrow morning while "racing" a corporate challenge thingy down on Hains Point. It's the same race LTO and Neil Hannan have won in the past.

Peter said...

Red Fox, you may run away with it (15:30-16:00 usually wins it.) I may be down there watching my dad's NPR team, if I get up early enough.

Joe Wiggy said...

Hey guys... I have not been feeling well all day and am going to take today off. I spoke with chicken tender yesterday, it sounded like he was working out tonight... but I haven't heard from anyone else... anyway, just wanted to give the heads up.