Saturday, April 10, 2010

DU in PA


No complete results...only pieces:

Dirk and Wade of PACERS lead first 5k in 15:20 "shoulder to shoulder"

Chicken Tender winds up 6th overall after 16:54/16:49 5k splits


dirkdeheer said...

Robbie Wade wins by 2 min. I was in the mix on the bike, but took a wrong turn and rode 2.5-3 miles too long- I took off my chip, but still ran the last run (15.34). There's a first for everything..! Good luck 2morrow guys! I'll be there.

Matias said...

Way to go guys! Robbie is officially a monster on the bike. Tough break Dirk sounds like you got a lot out of it. ANDY! Way to throw down two sub 17 min 5ks

Matias said...