Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Time!

Marathon Monday is here!

Ernst, Marren, Matias, Bain, Jarrin, O'Neill, Gabler all running for GRC.

Athlete Tracking is

Watch it live HERE

Updated Apr 19 08:25 a.m. ET
Daytime High: 59°F
Overnight Low: 42°F
Probability of Precipitation: 20%
Wind: From the Northwest at 15 mph
MIGHTY MATIAS finishes Boston Marathon in 2:34:40 (5:54/mi pace) for 117th overall!
JARRIN in at 2:52:58 (6:36/mi)!
BAIN in at 2:53:47 (6:38/mi) on a bum foot!
ERNST finishes in 3:04:42 (7:03/mi)!
SHANNON finishes in 3:09:01 (7:13/mi) for 190th female!
GRC team still in top 20 at 35K.

Jarrin and Bain catch up to Marren, all through in 2:22
Ernst on pace to run 3:01.
Shannon on pace to run 3:09.

AFTER 25K...

Matias on 2:34 pace (1:16:40 at 13.1), Marren on 2:39 pace (1:18:27 at 13.1)

Buddies Bain and Jarrin hover at 2:49

Ernst steady at 2:57 pace
At the half...

Shannon on 3:02 pace, Gabler on 3:28 pace

1:33 for O'Neill at half, 1:45 for Gabler at half

After 20K...

Matias and Jake at 2:33 and 2:36 pace respectively

Bain and Jarrin still together on 2:48 pace

Ernst at 2:58 pace

Matias on 2:33 pace after 10K

Jake Marren on 2:36 pace after 10k (36:57)

Bain and Jarrin are together and are at 2:49 pace

Ernst on 2:57 pace


P Murph said...

GRC Men's Team sitting in 14th out of 34 teams at the half! Keep fighting everyone!

Andy said...

Matias IN at 2:34:40! I have no idea how someone with such tree-trunk-like legs moves so damn fast.

Joe Wiggy said...

Matias is an animal!!! great work everybody!

dirkdeheer said...

Matias- that is awesome! Big congrats to Jarrin, Shannon and Ernst as well!! Bain- can't believe you can do that with a long injury! Marren- you'll be back, keep your head up!