Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday at Chevy Chase

Due to a Puma affair, we're going to run from the Chevy Chase Store on Saturday morning (9am).

I know it is early, but would folks be interested in etching out a 20-week training plan for Chicago post-run at Panera Bread (next to Store)? I have a calendar and I've spoken with a number of Windy City bound marathoners (Dickson, Karl et al) about producing a rough training plan...specifically the weekend long runs/workouts schedule.


PR said...

I obviously won't be at the store run, but I'd be up for staying in the loop with the training plan. I'm happy to offer some input as well.

Unknown said...

I would love to get in on this as well. Right now, I think I am going to run Baltimore, 6 days after Chicago.

Wylie said...

Hey everyone-

I'm new to the DC area and will be training for Chicago and would like to get involved with the group. Can't make Saturday but would be interested in hearing more. Thanks, my email is

KLIM said...

If we have "quorum" on Saturday (ie - enough people with input) we'll post it on the blog spreadsheet for all to see/comment on.

The 20 week block of training starts around Memorial Day so we have now until then to figure out a workout plan.

P Murph said...

PR might attend if only it were a Cougar affair ;). What's going on with Puma at the CC store?

I'm really looking forward to this pow wow. See you on Saturday.

Unknown said...

Is this the Wylie from the Delaware Running Co? I think we carpooled together with some of the guys that work there for the NYC marathon a few years back.

KLIM said...

Okay so a lot of people can't make the meeting. For those who can make it, we will come up with a rough outline and then share via email with the rest of the Chicago (and Bmore) harriers...and get everyone's input. Then we should meet again to finalize it. The reason for doing this early is to ensure we're all around for workouts that count later in the dog days of summer.

This is who I have running Chicago (bmore). If anyone else wants to jump on this workout train, comment here.

Karl Dusen
Dickson Mercer
Patrick Reaves
Chris Bain
Jake Klim
Patrick Murphy
Chris Sloane
Mike Cotterel
Robert Jarrin
Charlie Ban
Matt Ernst
Patrick Hughes
Billy Askey
Joe Wiegner
Jimmy Daly

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

I didn't sign up Chicago and don't want to run Baltimore for the third time, but I want to run a marathon sometime between Oct~Nov, can't be sure which one yet. I think I will train with y'all on weekend long runs...

KLIM said...

PM - a Puma rep is coming to the Store...that is all.