Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chuck - 1:56.72!

...season debut in 800m

ALSO - Chris Vames Sloane runs last race for GRC with a 1:13:50 13.1 at Dismal Swamp. Good for 7th


Andy said...

Holy crap, 1:56! Nice! Is that interview from the race??

Big City said...

I won the slower heat and went out easy. Next weekend I will run at Shippensburg, and then May 8th at LHU. If feel like if I continue the schedule I created and have been sticking to I will run a PR for 800/1500 by indoors.

That was an interview from my junior year of college, when I was starting to get better.

KLIM said...

I took the picture off FB.

CTR - wait until your next good race. I found the perfect picture!! Muhahahaha

dirkdeheer said...

Nic job Chuck, good start- PR shape in a few weeks!