Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Weather Advisory

Check it HERE.

*Snow from 5-10 Inches starting Friday night/Saturday morning and stretching until Sunday.

Five inches is not such a big deal, but 10 inches of white makes running interesting.

This event should trigger a general discussion of how we should schedule our weekend runs. I am debating running my long run Saturday, during the heart of the storm but when less is accumulated, versus running long on Sunday in lighter snowfall but with more on the ground.

What do you guys think?


DM said...

sounds good to me. i'm up for 12.

KLIM said...

I will run long from the Gtown Store on Saturday morning.

I would like to go 18...16 minimum.

RM said...

"Five inches is not such a big deal, but 10 inches of white makes running interesting."

I couldn't agree more. Hahahahaha.

Peter said...

I'll probably join for 10.

Jake Marren said...

Anyone down for squeezing in a long run Friday night? Saturday forecast says winds of 20-30 mph, I may chicken out of the epic blizzard run, mostly because I wont want to drive to Georgetown in the snow.

Big City said...

I'll show up at the g'town store ready for at least 10

KLIM said...

Unless the road/wx conditions are life threatening, I will be at the GTown Store tomorrow at 9am.

Weather pending, I willdecide weather I'll run long on Saturday (from Store) or Sunday.

Peter said...

Beach dr might be a good sunday option.