Sunday, December 13, 2009

GRC Takes Home Team Title at JATW

2nd Wilson Komen* 31:50
6th Murat Kayali* 33:04
9th Chris Sloane* 33:29 PR
11th Matias Palavecino 34:00
13th Andrew Sovonick 34:05 PR
14th Phillippe Roly 34:46
38th Max Lockwood 37:34
127th Sean Baumann 41:52

1st Maggie Infeld* 34:13 PR
7th Hilary Cairns 38:07
614th Emily Bitetto 55:56

*Team Scorers

GREAT JOB EVERYONE. Wilson, Murat, & Maggie, I have trophies for each of you. I will drop them off at the running store in Georgetown(I will probably give them to Wilson since he works there)


Andy said...

Thanks for the excellent captaining, Chris!

Peter said...

This weekend was a slam-dunk for both racing squads. Looks like we're in it to win!