Thursday, December 10, 2009



Chris Sloane (captain)
Andrew Sovonick
Sean Baumann
Matias Palavecino
Philippe Rolly
Wilson Komen
Murat Kuatali
Emily Bitetto
Hillary Cairns
Maggie Infeld

Of all team members, I have met Matias, Andrew, & Wilson. I will be wearing a Virginia Tech Jacket. I look foward to meeting everyone else. Lets all meet in front of the start line at 7AM SHARP for a warm up. After the race, lets get everyone together for a cool down. After I finish, I will put on some warm clothes, and then meet on the opposite side closest to the river near the finishline for a cooldown(on the paved path). So lets meet there for the cooldown, as each person finishes. Lets try to keep track of everyone as they come through the finish so we can regroup. So, if you finish 1st out of all 10 GRC runners, start looking out for the next GRCrs finishing on the team, 2nd the same. Remember, the race starts at 7:45 AM! Looking foward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

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