Sunday, December 13, 2009


The runCo Race team captured the team crown for the Jingle Bell 10k down at Haines Point. We had solid performances by all. Congrats! below are the top five scorers

1. 2:12:36 GEORGETOWN RUNNING COMPANY       (  33:09)
1 31:50 Wilson Komen M
2 33:04 Murat Kayali M
3 33:29 Chris Sloane M
4 34:13 Maggie Infeld F

Jake, looks like Bert has taken his running to another level. Not sure if you can match his ferocity

enjoy and stay dry out there.



dirkdeheer said...

nice job ladies and gents! Some nice PBs in there!! (and Maggie's 34.13 is seriously impressive)

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

It was really fun racing with and getting to meet some of you! (Thanks for letting me tag along/follow you around). Hope to meet the rest of you soon, and great job to those who ran :)

--Maggie I

Charlie Ban said...

Great job everyone. How was the weather? I had planned to come and cheer/egg you guys on (despite only knowing two of you), but at 6:45 I just wasn't up to it, and by the time I woke up later it was raining pretty hard.

Peter said...

I will fight it out all spring...

Great race Bert and grc!

- klim, from towpaths iPhone while on the highway