Tuesday, December 22, 2009


No, I am not scheduling a run on New Year's Eve (although I would be happy to run in the morning).

Yes, I am letting you know that everyone is invited to a party at my place at 406 4th St. SE., a couple blocks from Eastern Market metro.

I have not yet established an itinerary, but we do plan to make it a bit more than the usual house party (not that I am, like, against the usual house party -- quite the opposite). Dodgeball, maybe?

If you are interested in coming, please let me know.

Happy holidays to all, and safe travels this week.



Charlie Ban said...

I hope you mean dodgeball in the house, because that would be super

DM said...

Yes, we could maybe do it in the house.

Now, though, we're thinking of dropping dodgeball in favor of four square. That and Bud Ice Pong on the back porch.