Saturday, December 26, 2009


Does anyone want to run the National Marathon? If so, and you can run well, I can get some entries. I already have one guy who plans on running around 2.27.

We should be able to dominate. C'mon Towpath. the four massages you get a week should be putting you in superstar shape:)

The world is yours

there is no more snow

Christmas is over and the New Year awaits like a growling bear emerging from hibernation.

Love Max


KLIM said...

I've got Towpath on a TIGHT leash! No marathons for that guy...

Peter said...

Max, for the thousandth time. Massage does not make you faster. It allows you to train day after day without interruption. The running makes you faster.

DM said...

I'm in the half

Ancient Chinese Secret said...
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P Murph said...

Christiam and I are interested in the National Half Marathon Relay (5Mile - 5 Mile - 5K). Could we get a team entry?

Also - is anyone else interested in running the relay?