Sunday, September 10, 2017

FLASH: Stewart Breaks 14?

If the results are to be believed, Stewart Reich has supposedly broken 14 minutes for 5k at this morning's Discover Downtown 5k in Columbia, MD. His reported time of 13:36 is a PR by 54 seconds.

Excuse me for editorializing here, but I think this is bull crap and I suspect foul play.

Exhibit A: Stephanie and Stewart raced and won the Market Street Mile yesterday in 5:01 and 4:16 respectively. I don't care if you're a Reich, running two races in a weekend is not conducive for a PR, let alone one of this magnitude.

Exhibit B: We all know that Patrick Murphy has continued to spend a good amount of time in the DC area since "moving" to Boston, and followers of this very blog may recall that "Murph" attempted to doctor the results of the Fathers' Day 8k, but seemingly got cold feet at the last minute. If anyone has photographic evidence of Patrick in Columbia this morning, please post on our Facebook page.

Let me be clear - I don't necessarily think Steph is implicated in all of this, but the question remains: what did she know and when did she know it?


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