Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekend Preview[z]

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Well there you have it folks, the month of September has come and gone.  And just like they used to say in the good old day[z], people may die but blogs live forever.  [Good luck to the October blogger that[z] following this month of pure, gasoline-fed fire blogging. You'll be as appreciated as all your snowflake take[z]]. 

On the docket this weekend is the Navy Mile Szn.  Measured at 1 mile down and back on Penn Ave, this is a fast course with even faster asphalt.  For the men, Daniel and Witty [and probably Stew] will be lacing the sneaks and putting one out there for the throng of spectators.  Representing the women are Erin, Jackie, Alexa, Alyson, and Emily K.  I'd be remiss to tell you that all GRC harriers are focu[z]ed with their eye on the prize.

At Paul Short earlier today, Maura L. continued smashing, completing the course in a timely 20:30 good enough for 5th place and a YUUUUGE PR.  While Austin rumbled and stumbled and grumbled a xc-esque 25:33 on the gra[zz]y course.  

Hammer it here for update[z].

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