Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Result[z]

Well folks, it's that time of the week. #ResultsSzn is officially in gear.  We've got YUUUGE results on the docket for ya.

First up is Lucas Stalnaker for his raucous showing at the Philly Half in a time of 1:05:26, good for #3 on the GRC all time list.  We haven't seen a debut like this since the szn premier of Lost folks.  And while young Lucas was not involved in a plane crash symbolizing the soul's dance between life and death, he was able to bring home 6th place honors and the covefe GRC Athlete of the Week.   Jerry noted that weather was less than ideal with the sudden onslaught of climate change and all, but Lucas ran strong and he ran smart with a bright future surely ahead.

Sticking with the Philly Half, Maura L. made her szn debut in 1:20:09, followed closely by Kerry Allen in 1:20:53.  The two had strong showings with a solid #fallracingszn ahead.  In addition, Sean B. ran all the way to a 1:12:21.  The humidity this year was as bad as years past. Thanks Obama.

Closer to home, GRC harriers saw strong performances in the Navy Half and Navy 5 Miler.  Kieran took home the win [what's new] in a solid 1:09:41. Ryan Spier made his halfszn debut in 1:09:50.  While he may be the less-handsome Ryan, he surely raced his way into our hearts. Graham galloped to a 1:12:21, followed by TKIV [Tom], Tyler, and Fridge, in 1:14:29, 1:15:03, and 1:18:43, respectively. On the women's side, we saw inspirational performances from Hallie Fox in 1:25:42, Keely in 1:26:31, and Teal, in her first race since the Olympic Trials [sweet brag Teal] with a 1:26:31.  Hallie made her debut to the tune of whoaaa, while Keely continues to mash and Teal rounds back into shape after introducing new life to the world [sweet brag again Teal].

In the Navy 5, Stew [24:50] and Steph [29:43] brought home wins to make it a Reich sweep. There hasn't been a Reich sweep since...well... since the last one.  GRC took home the #3, #4, and #6 spots from Mark [26:12], Luk [26:27], and Chris [plain Jane 27:10].  It should be noted that times were slow across the board due to the race coming in contact with stragglers from the half [thanks Obama]. You know what I say though, Darwin has a theory that.

The end of this week's results culminate in lifetime runner and friend Dickson, who raced at the 1st annual Henry Mercer Monmouth XC Invitational.  It's not everyday you get to run a race named after your father, and for your first born son.  So, good on ya Dickson.  You know what they say folks, nature vs nurture.  Nature always wins.  Keep that boy running Dix.

Till next time.


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