Saturday, September 14, 2013

Franklin, May Win Navy 5 Miler in WDC

(L to R) Franklin, Luff, Witters, Guevara

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Mike "Risky Business" Franklin, running for the first time in a GRC singlet, won the Navy 5 Miler this morning in Washington, D.C. with a time of 24:52. Meanwhile, Hilary May bested all females with a winning time of 30:12. Both set event records.

Sam Luff finished 3rd in 25:28 while Ryan Witters and Paul Guevara finished 4th and 5th, at 25:43.

Dave Wertz and Charlie Ban ran 26:23 and 27:40.

A few GRC athletes were left behind when the gun went off 10 minutes earlier than advertised.
Kieran O'Connor and Paul Balmer missed the start of the race, but ran 25:14 and 25:50.

Maura Carroll also started almost two minutes late. She finished fourth in 31:49, though she covered the course in 29:57.

In the half marathon, Evan Jurkovich (1:10:00), Dave Burnham (1:10:03) and Matt Hassett (1:10:07) finished 3rd, 4th and 5th, all averaging a tick or two above 5:20 mile pace.

Hassett PR'd by almost 3 minutes - a major breakthrough for sure.

(L to R) O'Hara, Burnham, Jurkovich, Hassett

Dave O'Hara ran 1:13:59.

Patrick Murphy tempo'd a 1:16:58, Brian Young ran 1:19:26 and Scott Koonce ran 1:21:46.


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