Thursday, November 28, 2013

GRC Wins Turkey Trots from FL to VT

Turkey Trot Results from the GRC:

Jake Klim is a three-peat champion at the We Gather Together 5k in Sandwich, MA.

Justin Snair placed 2nd in the Arlington, VA Turkey Trot with a time of 16:05.

Julie Tarallo takes the W at the Tiger 5 Miler Turkey Trot in Easton, MA with a time of 31:15.

Chuck Kacsur placed 2nd in16:38 at his local 5k.

Kerry Allen won the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot in Clearwater, FL in 17:58.

MGP won the Moorestown cross country race in NJ in 19:40.

Paul Balmer won the Zach's Place Turkey Trot in Woodstock, VT in 16:11.

Sean Barrett won the San Antonio Road Runner's 4 Mile Turkey Trot in 19:35!

In Alexandria, Kevin McNab placed 4th on the Alexandria Turkey Trot with a time of 24:41. Sam Luff was 6th in 24:56. Tex Paul was 25:53, Dave Wertz was 25:59, Dave O was 26:48 and Charlie Ban ran 27:29. LDO was 4th in 29:18.


Breezy said...

Dix grabs 4th in the Nazareth Turkey Trot, finishing in 16:35. He won a pie, the contents of which are unknown at this point. Details to follow.

DaveO said...

Alexandria TT
Kevin 24:41 4th
Sam 24:55 6th
Tex Paul 25:53 10th
Fast Dave W 25:59 11th
Slow Dave O 26:48 15th
Char B: 27:29 17th

Lindsey O: 29:18 4th
LTO: cracked an hour for a great run walk effort 59:46