Sunday, March 9, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Results

Cool temperatures and formidable winds slowed times for the contingent of GRC runners who took to the streets of downtown DC today for the St. Patrick's Day 8k.

8.  Outlaw 25:53
9.  Dave Wertz 25:57
10.  J.R. Roberts 25:59
11.  Fridge Hassett 26:06
12.  Sean Barrett 26:36
34.  Young Breezy 29:02

4.  Elizabeth Young 29:26
5.  Maura Carroll 29:36

Although PRs were spared today, the bagels were given no quarter. The Team extends many thanks to Pacers Events for putting on a first class race.

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DaveO said...

Great Job Boys! I was with you in Irish spirit!