Saturday, January 10, 2015

FLASH: Koons Places 8th in Scotland!

FLASH: GRC's Frances Koons placed 8th in the Great Edinburgh Cross Country Run this morning in Scotland. In her debut for Team USA, she was the third American finisher.

Reports suggest Koons went out aggressively, and was at the back of the lead pack for the first kilometer of the 6k race. After one lap of the 3 lap course, Koons was in 10th, and she ran a strong second lap, coming through 4k in 8th place. Koons fought off a strong challenge from two pursuers in the final stages of the race and held her position to finish 8th.

GRC Coach Jerry Alexander was extremely pleased with the result. "Frances ran a superb race. She put herself in a position to succeed right from the gun, and did not back down from the high level competition she faced. Frances knew the conditions would be challenging, and she used the mud and cold to her advantage. This was her first time running for the national team, but it surely will not be her last."



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