Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cell Phone Field No More?

GRC SPECIAL REPORT --- The fate of the WMAL Towers Field, known affectionately in GRC circles as "Cell Phone Field," rests with the bigwigs at Cumulous Media, the owner of the property. According to local news reports, the "75-acre transmitter site in Bethesda was placed on the market earlier this week, the first step in what will likely be the area's largest redevelopment project in years." 

It's estimated that the green space could accommodate upwards of 300 homes and that the property, reportedly worth "hundreds of millions," is amongst some of the most coveted residential real estate in the entire country.

Of course, the property is also a major playground for dog walkers, neighborhood children and cross country aficionados.

Sean O'Leary, GRC harrier and lifelong Bethesda resident, remarked, "I can't even begin to estimate how many times I've run around that field. It's such an ideal training resource, with a great balance of soft terrain and gently rolling hills. I don't know who is more heartbroken from this news - me or the seemingly countless number of dogs that utilize the area as a communal bathroom."

Understanding the magnitude of the situation, Coach Jerry Alexander lamented, "we may have to find other options (for workouts) in the not too distant future."

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UPDATE: The GRC Treasurer notes that the club's coffers lack the necessary funds to place a realistic offer on the property.


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