Saturday, June 20, 2015

Grandma's Marathon: BREAKING: 3 MASSIVE marathon PRs!


Our marathoners all set HUGE PRs at Grandma's Marathon!! Kristin ran 2:48:06* for a TEN minute PR (and the #3 spot on the GRC All-Time list), Kieran ran 2:20:47 to PR by EIGHT minutes (taking the #2 spot on the All-Time list), and Outlaw ran 2:26:50, a FIVE minute PR!! A truly awesome day for GRC marathoners! Details and play by play below:

*all times are unofficial.

Our distance crew is taking on Grandma's marathon this morning. Stay tuned here for updates (or check out @runnerteal on Twitter for more minute by minute analysis/general nonsense.)

Weather conditions: cloudy and rainy, but cool. So far thunderstorms are holding off. All our racers are agreed the rain beats DC's humidity. 

10K splits:

Kieran - 32:44 (on pace for 2:20:33)
Outlaw - 34:39 (2:28:47 pace)
Kristin - 39:16 (2:48:40 pace) 

Half splits:

These marathoners know what they are doing! After conservative starts, they are all settling in and cranking down the pace. 

Kieran - 1:08:54 (2:17:47 pace, aka OTQ pace!)
Outlaw - 1:13:35 (2:26:49 pace) 
Kristin - 1:23:09 (2:46:17 pace) 

20 mile splits:

Kieran - 1:45:28 (2:18:09 pace) 
Outlaw  - 1:51:51 (2:26:32 pace) 
Kristin - 2:06:46 (2:46:03 pace) 

Finish (unofficial):

Kieran - 2:20:47 (~8 min PR!!!, #2 GRC All-Time!)
Outlaw - 2:26:50 (~5 min PR!!) 
Kristin- 2:48:06 (~10 min PR!!!!, #3 GRC All-Time!)

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