Thursday, June 29, 2017

FLASH: "Results" of FD8k found on Murphy Thumb Drive

Early yesterday morning, I just so happened to be milling around Patrick Murphy's former townhouse.

I had my reasons.

While there, I spied a garbage bag. For seven hours I methodically dug through banana peels, used diapers, and coffee grinds and discovered a thumb drive. Among some of the more incriminating evidence I found were these "results," purportedly from the 2017 Father's Day 8k. It appears as if Patrick manufactured these "results" before the race, but decided, at the last minute, to not run the race and leave town. It just so happens that Patrick will be back in town for the next few days. Perhaps he forgot to take something with him when he moved? In his haste, Patrick got sloppy.

It will be hard for many to see this, given Patrick's high stature on this team, but we must be transparent.

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