Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekend Preview: Millrose Magic Strikes Twice?

Millrose Games 2017
One year after claiming victory in the Club DMR at the illustrious Millrose Games, the GRC women are aiming to defend their title tomorrow morning in NYC. Unlike last year, the women will have two shots at victory this time around. That's how you diversify risk, folks!

Relay 1 will consist of Gina (1200m), Alex (400m), Jesse (800m), and Taylor (1600m), while Relay 2 will include Alyson (1200m), Jackie (400m), Liz (800m), and Maura Linde (1600m).

Coach Jerry is bullishly optimistic at the prospect of a repeat victory. "While the field looks to be much more difficult this year," he explained, "we won't relinquish the title without a fight."

The guys are also joining in the fun this year, with Stewart (1200m), Craig (400m), Daniel (800m), and Paul Thistle (1600m) fielding a squad in the men's race. Victory might not come as easily for this group, but Coach Jerry still sees potential in the crew. "They're hoping to finish in the top half of a very competitive field," he reports.

A few miles to the south, our resident Marines Sean Barrett and Lucas Stalnaker are taking another crack at cross country at the USATF National XC Championship in Tallahassee, FL. Coach Jerry has the scoop on our Florida-based star: "Lucas is rounding into excellent shape, and he's looking for a measure of redemption in xc after what was, by his lofty standards, a disappointing performance at Clubs. The field is loaded, and he'll have a chance to take some impressive scalps if he can stay patient early."


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