Monday, April 16, 2018

Weekend Results: More Track, Cold Bahstun Marathon

While we're still waiting on a final ruling from our highly-paid team of experts, it's safe to say that our marathoners in Massachusetts experienced the worst weather of a very weather-filled April weekend.

Congrats, Graham!
Weather be damned, Graham's 23rd place finish at the Boston Marathon was the performance of the weekend. Graham ran somewhat close to even splits (1:14:02/1:16:04) on a day when many elites dropped out before Heartbreak Hill. Since photos of Graham have yet to surface (and since he chose not to reply to this author's text of "Dude you are a legend. Got any photos of yourself during the race?"), we'll have to make due with a photo of Graham looking lost on a much warmer day.

Boston Marathon

Graham Tribble 2:30:06
Chris Van Es 2:53:27
Chris Bain 2:56:45
Kyle Cooke 3:06:47
LTO 3:26:14

On Saturday, our track crew split time between the George Mason Spring Invitational and the Bison Outdoor Classic. Highlights include Maura L notching a solid W/PR combo in the 5000m at Bucknell, as well as the dynamic mid-D duo of Alyson and Alex logging top-10 finishes in the 1500m at Mason. Unfortunately, summery conditions in Pennsylvania were not conducive to fast long distance times.

George Mason Spring Invitational

6. Alyson 4:35.98
7. Alex 4:37.64

20. Craig 1:58.28

Bison Outdoor Classic

1. Maura L 16:27.34 (invite heat)

5. Rebekah 18:33.61
6. Emily K 18:33.64

26. Stewart 14:46.92 (invite heat)

26. Lars 15:26.27
30. Alex Archer 15:44.18

42. Kyle Wagener 31:43.59

Lastly, Mitch and Kerry broke the tape at Friday's Crystal City 5k. With ~30 minutes to go before the start, Kerry was still undecided between volunteering at the turnaround water stop and "jogging" the race. It looks like Kerry made the right call.

Crystal City 5k Friday #2
1. Mitch 16:45

1. Kerry 20:08

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