Sunday, May 12, 2019

Weekend Results: GW Parkway Sweep, Jersey Marathon, Pikes Peek and more

Charlie kicked us off on the roads with a win at the Crystal City Friday Night Pacers 5K in 15:47.

The men swept the Pacers GW Parkway 10 Miler, with Kieran, Dan Meteer and Carlos taking the top 3 spots in very quick times, all of them breaking 50:30. This was a 10 mile debut for Dan, and a prep race for Carlos going into Broad Street. Rob, Charlie, and Pat all got in solid efforts at Parkway as well.

For the women, Kerry led the way finishing in 4th in 61:50. Erin made a strong 10 mile debut, finishing 5th in 62:01. Margaret finished in 6th in 62:29, Chelsea V was 8th in 63:41, Liz Reynolds was 14th in 65:15 and Hallie was 15th in 65:16.

In the Parkway 5K, Austin broke from the field early and ran a very strong solo 15:32 for the win.

Photo Courtesy of Swim Bike Run
Austin Takes the 5K! Photo Courtesy of Swim Bike Run
At the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon, Zak had a really strong performance and a new personal best, just 2 weeks after an attempt at the Boston Marathon. He finished in 5th place, running 2:31:58. Dickson returned to his favorite hometown race, and ran 2:33:26 for 7th. This was a very solid performance considering Dix's build-up for this race, which included being sick for quite a bit of his cycle.

For the women, Natalie finished her season strong and came close to setting another personal best, by finishing in 7th in 2:56:18.

In the New Jersey Half Marathon, Tom Kelly ran 1:13:19 for 2nd place and set a new personal best.

At Pikes Peek 10K, Dave Wertz and Trever Reed both had very strong runs, finishing in 3rd and 4th in 32:28. This was a 10K PR for Trever in the midst of marathon training.

In track action, Alex led the way with a 1:56.77 800 at Shippensburg. Angelina ran 2:23.3 in her 800 debut, also at Ship, and Liz T ran 2:19.59 in her first 800 of the season at TCNJ.

Crystal City 5K #4
1. Charlie Ban - 15:47

GW Parkway 10 Miler

4. Kerry Allen - 61:50
5. Erin Melly - 62:01 (PR-Debut)
6. Margaret Johnston - 62:29
8. Chelsea Vane - 63:41
14. Liz Reynolds - 65:15
15. Hallie Fox - 65:16

1. Kieran O'Connor - 50:19
2. Dan Meteer - 50:22 (PR-Debut)
3. Carlos Jamieson - 50:27
7. Robert Brook - 54:31
9. Charlie Ban - 55:25
14. Patrick Kuhlmann - 56:27

New Jersey Marathon

7. Natalie Patterson - 2:56:18

3. Zak Miller - 2:31:58 (PR)
7. Dickson Mercer - 2:33:26

New Jersey Half Marathon
2. Tom Kelly - 1:13:19 (PR)

Pikes Peek 10K
3. Dave Wertz - 32:28
4. Trever Reed - 32:28 (PR)


Women's 800:
6. Angelina Oputa - 2:23.30

Men's 800:
1. Alex Hinton - 1:56.77


Women's 800:
5. Liz Tawa - 2:19.59

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