Monday, June 24, 2013

UPDATE: Rusty the Red Panda RECOVERED!

UPDATE: Rusty has been recovered!

To those who might be running through or around Rock Creek Park this afternoon, please keep a look out for Rusty the Red Panda who went missing sometime last night or early this morning.

Reports indicate he might be hiding in a tree. A series of tweets from @NationalZoo provide guidance in case one goes looking for, or sees, Rusty.

Please help us keep an eye out for Rusty. Remember: red pandas are wild animals, & will bite if cornered or scared.

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) June 24, 2013

If you do see Rusty, don’t try to approach him. Stay where you can safely keep an eye on him & alert the Zoo (202.633.4888) immediately.
— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) June 24, 2013

Red pandas typically spend the warm daytime hours resting, so it’s likely Rusty is somewhere in or near the Zoo hiding in a tree.

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) June 24, 2013

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