Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday Long Run

Dickson and I are meeting tomorrow at Edward's Ferry at 9:00am for what I call the "Large Animal Loop," because you run past NIH's large animal research center.

We'll run the first 8 miles of the "Duel Ferries" loop, which is 100% on natural terrain, before turning off and traversing a 6+ mile section that rolls up and down over the streets of Poolesville. It's about 14.5 miles, but we might add on after if needed.

As most of you know, Edward's Ferry is a hike, so if there is considerable interest we could meet at the Starbucks parking lot (where we usually go post-run) to carpool the remaining distance.

Comment if you're interested.

NOTE - run is on Saturday, not Sunday.

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DM said...

I am going to meet Kieran in the Starbucks lot (well, really it's the Chicken Out lot) at 8:20. If anyone else wants to to meet there and grab a lift, let me know.