Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wednesday workout, March 25, at AMERICAN UNIVERSITY


We had some strong performances at 5 miles this weekend. At Van Metre, Shauneen continued her impressive return to fitness with a 29:38 on a course that is most likely long by about 100 meters. Whatever the actual race distance, Shauneen and a professional Ethiopian were separated by mere inches at the finish, with Shanuneen crossing the line in front. In their wisdom, the race officials awarded first place to the other runner based on a faster chip time, but that dubious decision does not diminish the fact that Shauneen broke the tape against very strong competition. As Shauneen continues her progress, we're going to see her running to victory on a regular basis. On the men's side, Outlaw ran a very controlled 25:45 for second, followed by Klim in 25:55 for third. Pat Kuhlmann, who is easing back into racing following his outstanding performance in the full at Houston in January, was fourth in 27:22, followed by Zak in fifth in 27:45. In Virginia Beach, Matt Rand ran a solo 25:31.


We're at American University this week, and we need to get going at 6:50, so that we can finish the workout before it gets dark (for those of you who have never had the pleasure, AU has no lights, and the campus police will kick us off once it gets dark). Those taking the metro can meet up at Charlie's house and stash your stuff. Plan to meet by 6, and the procession will roll by 6:10. For those who are driving to AU, meet for the warm up at 6:05 at the gazebo on the side of the track.

I'll see you at American on Wednesday.


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