Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Glory Days

BReuters Wire Services -- Manassas, Va.

Sam Luff was first across the finish line at the Glory Days XC Invitational in Manassas this morning with a time of 16:22. Luke Meyer, followed by Cabell and Kyle W, were in the lead with 20 meters to go until Meyer, an Ivy League Alumnus, took a wrong turn, which added about 200 meters to their run.  Although the matter has been referred to the GRC Inspector General, who will determine whether Meyer was attempting to gain an unfair advantage over other racerunners (#wrongwaygate!), bystanders report that the mistake was eminently understandable and that the three runners competed hard today. Dangerous Dave Wertz came in eighth and this author salvaged a spot in the high teens. Best of luck to Dave O'Hara, whose HS team was also racing today at the invitational.

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