Friday, October 9, 2015

WEEKEND PREVIEW: From 5k to the Marathon

As RunWashington was so kind to remind us all this morning, we've only got a few months until this becomes a normal sight:
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For now, we can revel in the fact that October plays host to prettier Instagram shots involving leaves and flannel. Oh, and I suppose that there's usually a long list of exciting races for our harriers to send 'em at. This weekend in particular sees the GRC tackle a wide variety of distances and surfaces.

On Saturday, a rag-tag group of guys will take to the hill and dale of Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA for the Glory Days XC 5k. With just a hair over two months until Club Nationals, we've got Luke, Sam, Cabell, Kyle W, Wertz, and Breezy breaking in their spikes well in advance. The word on the street is that anyone who runs slower than the winning time of the high school race will not be allowed to ride back to DC with the rest of the group.

Sunday will see two strong groups take a 50-60 minute tour of the DC Monuments at the Army 10 Miler. On the women's side, youth and experience unite in the form of Hannah, Frances L, Maura, Keely, and Kerry. Hannah and Frances will be making their 10 mile debuts, and Coach Jerry is optimistic that they'll surprise themselves at this new distance. Coming off of a consistent summer of The Hard Training, Maura also looks more than ready for a breakthrough.

The men might see a larger team spread, but also send a strong field including Mike, Phil, Outlaw, Sean, Balmer, Tom, Charlie, and Kyle C. While the back half of that pack has some experience with the longer distances, Mike and Phil are making their 10-mile debuts. Tom gets Coach Jerry's "Athlete to Watch" distinction, and Mike gets the slightly-less-positive "Athlete to Keep an Eye On." Coach Jerry explains, "assuming Mike is successful in picking up his packet this time around, this will be his 10 mile debut. It's early in the season for him, but he should be ready for a solid performance." Mike hasn't e-mailed me in response to my offer to pick up his packet, so our fingers are crossed at this point.

Never one to be forgotten, ageless Pat Kuhlmann will also take a shot at a strong Sunday performance in the Chicago Marathon. According to Coach Jerry, "Pat has had a great training cycle, and if the conditions are conducive, he's got a real shot at a PR." The forecast looks a tad warm right now, but having seen Pat crank out fast mile repeats in peak DC humidity, he's conditioned well for the challenge.

Keep your dials tuned to this station all weekend for reports of greatness!

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Charlie Ban said...

The high school races are in the afternoon. If someone runs slower, will they be taken back out there later, and left to fend for themselves?