Sunday, December 6, 2015

FLASH: ALLEN -- 2:51!

On the heels of a bout of plantar fasciitis, Kerry Allen notched a 2:51 today at California International Marathon, good for a five-minute PR.  Her splits appear to have been where they needed to be, having gone through in 1:24:37. "Kerry ran a huge PR, which would be worthy of celebration under any circumstances, and it was a particularly special performance given that she came back from a serious injury that had her on the shelf for months, and limited her preparation for CIM," said Coach Jerry Alexander. "With good health over the next couple of years, Kerry will be a real threat to make the Trials in 2020."

Beth Young was not in a position to get a PR today (which would have been south of 2:50) but she was able to secure a solid BQ and a fine excuse to spend some time in wine country.
This writer acknowledges the support that CIM has lent to the club over the past three years. The race organizers have been extremely hospitable and our runners have enjoyed a great deal of success at the event, which, by my count, has yielded five big PRs in only two races: Teal's OTC; Outlaw's successful debut at the distance; and Julie's, Kerry's, and Breezy's multi-minute PRs. 

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