Friday, February 12, 2016

Olympic Marathon Trials 2016: Coach Jerry checks in from LA!

From Coach Jerry:

8:42 AM local time -- "We're all here safely and getting ready for the gun to go off.  After pulling an all nighter in the hospital, Kieran slept like a baby on the plane despite a family of 5 children in front of him conducting a riot at 35,000 feet, and he then took a 4 hour nap.  The weather here is an issue in a different way--it's hot.  I'm heading out in a minute to find a place to buy sun screen, and we're revising race plans to cope with the conditions.  The highlight so far, if you want to call it that, is that our uniforms did not pass muster, so per the fashion police at USATF, we have to put tape over the pacers logo (the GRC logo is okay for some reason) even though it's so small no one could possibly read it anyway.  And to further show the arbitrary nature of the rules, Carlos is going to run in his high school jersey, which has huge printing across the front, and that's acceptable.  Go figure.  We're going to the technical meeting at 4 to get bibs and chips, and last minute logistical instructions, and then we'll get some dinner, and rest up for the big day."

Photo by Rusty Burrell

1:03 PM local time -- "The Man is making us cover up the Pacers logo on the singlets, but he can't stop us from wearing the sweet Pacers/GRC trucker hats Kathy Dalby just gave me!  They haven't gotten the thumbs up from Dickson yet, but I'm sure they will."

Be on the lookout during the broadcast for some sweet team headwear. Below, Dickson shows off his affinity for the trucker hat style.

Photo by Emily Dufton

6:08 pm local time -- "We sat through the technical meeting and picked up the bibs.  If any more proof was needed that USATF's uniform rules are totally arbitrary, they informed Emily that her uniform had to be altered in a totally different way than Kieran and Teal.  Because of the uniform rules we can't wear the patches, but I managed to sew patches on the GRC shirt I'm going to wear during the race, so Lauren and Nina will be out there with me."

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