Sunday, February 28, 2016

GRC embraces hills in spring season opener

The GRC took to the hills of Columbia, MD for the RRCA Club Challenge ten mile race and although the terrain wasn't as friendly as the above pictured gymnasium packed full of runners from all over the region, the team still managed to achieve some great early season results as well as stock up on fruit snacks from the finish line tent.

After last year's iteration of this race was cancelled due to snow, favorable temperatures greeted the runners this year, as they did two years ago, such that tights and running pants were unnecessary. What a February treat!

The women claimed victory in the elite women's category, while the men finished as the second place elite men's team, and the group combined for an overall second place coed elite finish. In addition, the runners delighted in the commemorative and chic knit gloves received at the finish line. Well done to all!


4. Jerry Greenlaw 52:59.56
6. Paul Balmer 53:06.36
9. Evan Jurkovich 54:05.39
11. Paul Guevara 54:27.46
13. Dickson Mercer 55:02.78
20. Dave O'Hara 56:45.13
24. Matt Hassett 56:57.76
40. Kyle Cooke 59:04.33
43. Brian Young 59:33.95

4. Kerry Allen 1:02:56.59
5. Frances Loeb 1:03:21.75
6. Julie Tarallo 1:03:29.27
7. Maura Carroll 1:03:36.10
9. Sarah Bishop 1:04:35.69
15. Keely Eckberg 1:05:36.20
40. Mary Grace Pellegrini 1:11:33.47

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