Saturday, March 12, 2016

Which hill is worse?

Kerry Allen high fives photographer Beth Young

Here we are again, talking about hills. GRC took to the streets of DC and Arlington this morning for the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon and the Four Courts Four Miler to triumph over a couple of infamous hills.

Pacers refers to the Four Courts hill as "rousing" and "no better thrill." The course features an elevation loss and gain of 232 feet on an out-and-back course with almost all of those uphill feet coming in the final mile, with the finish line perched at the top.

Meanwhile, the Rock 'n' Roll runners encounter at mile 6 a shorter, more vertical climb, where a flight of stairs may be a more welcome method of ascending. To add insult to injury, the hill at this year's race also featured wafting scents of grilled breakfast meats from nearby restaurant Open City.

The GRC had a great showing in both races, capturing four of the top five spots at Four Courts and securing the second place spot in the women's Rock 'n' Roll half with Kerry Allen's inspired performance.

Also be sure to check out's article on Rock 'n' Roll D.C. where the GRC is prominently featured!


Four Courts Four Miler

1. Sam Luff 20:33
3. Jerry Greenlaw 21:13
4. Luk Olenginski 21:29
5. Greg Olenginski 21:43

Rock 'n' Roll D.C. half marathon

6. Graham Tribble 1:10:11
12. Evan Jurkovich 1:12:09
23. Matt Hassett 1:15:22
49. Brian Young 1:20:03

2. Kerry Allen 1:20:07
7. Julie Tarallo 1:22:35
8. Maura Carroll 1:22:49
63. Mary Grace Pellegrini 1:31:24

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