Monday, March 21, 2016

Words of Wisdom: Coach Jerry Talks Training in New Blog

Coach Jerry Alexander is the mastermind behind GRC's growth and success: the team has benefited greatly from his extensive knowledge and passion, as well as his commitment to his athletes. Every week, Jerry brings to the track his experience coaching runners at all levels: from beginners to post-collegiate elites and Olympic hopefuls.

Now, Jerry has teamed up with our sponsors at Pacers Running to share his wisdom and insights with the broader running community through a new training blog.

In his first post, Jerry offers his take on the value and importance of training in bad weather. You can read Jerry's thoughts at the link below:

He writes: "My hope is that through this blog, I can help clear up some of the clutter, and provide a consistent, measured approach to help you get the most out of your training and racing. I bring something of a unique perspective to coaching, because I work both sides of the street."

Coach Jerry juggles watches and wisdom during a GRC workout.

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