Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lawyers Have Heart and so does GRC

Photo by Mike Buckley

What with all the babies being born and coach Jerry Alexander being featured on the radio waves, the blog neglected to mention some hot off the presses action from last weekend's Lawyers Have Heart 5k and 10k races. We regret the omission but hope we can retain your devoted readership through a pair of well-sent races. Read on for some belated results.


1. Phil Royer 15:23
2. Luke Meyer 15:38
5. Jerry Greenlaw 16:08
7. Greg Olenginski 16:55


7. Sean O'Leary 34:16
12. Paul Balmer 34:45
18. Sebi Devlin-Foltz 35:49

10. Amy Nichols 41:14

Photo by Mike Buckley

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