Monday, March 27, 2017

FLASH: “I’m going to grab Wiggy by the frosted tips.” New audio reveals deep trash talk 

New audio appears to have GRC athlete Ryan “Witty” Witters talking strong smack about GRC expat Joe “Wiggy” Wiegner III leading up to the annual 2018 Father’s Day 8K in June.

In the audio clip obtained by GRC Blog from an inside source, Witty can be heard saying he’s going to “grab Wiggy by the frosted tips,” a reference dating back only a couple of years to when Joe  Wiegner III did, indeed, have frosted tips.

This is the latest development in a back-and-forth between Witty and Wiggy that started in January on Facebook. The exact date it started is difficult to determine due to how much Wiggy posts on Facebook. 

In the audio Witters is also heard saying, "I’m going to show him who's boss. He’s asking for it.” 

Witters ends his rant with, “we’re going to make GRC great again.”

Witters is the five-time reigning champion of the Father’s Day 8K and is a current GRC team member. Wiggy is currently running with Monocracy Running Club, which he joined after his move to Frederick, MD a couple years ago. 

The Father’s Day 8K is the GRC // Pacers - New Balance annual fundraising race put on by the team. This year’s race will take place on June 18th. More information on the Father’s Day 8K race can be found at

Evan Jurkovich contributed to this post.

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